Welcome to Duck Creek HOA! Membership in our HOA is voluntary and only costs $25.00 yearly. This supports the holiday decorations at the corner of Apollo Rd. and Yale Blvd., the Easter Egg Hunt, the Independence Day event, directory, newsletters and much more! Additionally, paid members also enjoy FREE DINNER for your whole family at our twice-yearly meetings.

Please submit this form with your payment. We would like to make sure that our information is up to date each year. If you have changed any information but have already paid for the year, you can submit the new info anytime w/o payment so that we can update our records.

If a renewal, please note your member number (bottom right hand corner of the Statement you received in the mail early in the year), in addition to the other information.

Please fill out the form and submit with payment below.

($2 processing fee for online payment)

# of stickers

(Yard sign stickers will be delivered to all paid members.)

Note: Email addresses will NOT be published in the directory but will be used to communicate neighborhood news, safety informatin, and important membership info.